Marketing strategies for Valentine's Day!

Updated: Jun 11

I love researching and spent sometime pulling data to help small businesses strategically plan for the upcoming Valentine's Day Holiday.

Here' we GO!

Let me 1st start by saying effective and strategic Marketing gets customers to go to your business in the first place.

Let's look at the numbers.

You may be wondering WHY look at the numbers? Because number's do not lie. People lie but the numbers tell the truth. lol

Although, some would say that Valentine's Day is a day that many do not celebrate. The numbers tell a different story. Here is what National Retail Federation estimated for 2019 spending on Valentine's Day

National Retail Federation estimated that Americans would spend

$3.9 billion on jewelry

$3.5 billion on an evening out

$2.1 billion on clothing

$1.9 billion on flowers

$.1.8 billion on candy

$1.3 billion gift cards

$933 million on greeting cards.

Now look at those numbers again. What's your 1st thought?

NRF also provided numbers that stated American's spend $886 million on things for their pets.

WOW! that we know where the big bucks are spent. Below I'll outline some strategies to help you as you prepare for the Valentine's Day Holiday.

1) Review your email and social marketing schedule. The insights on your business pages mean something. Look at them and take the time to ensure you are posting at the right time. Your post mean's zip if you're not reaching your audience.

2) Provide digital instant experiences for your customers. You're going to have folks on 2/13 looking for gifts the day before. Provide ways to serve your customer up to the last minute.

3) Send Gift guides to help convert customers.

4) Be mindful of the colors used when posting or emailing. Make sure they are designed in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

5) Reviews. Does your site show you're reviews?? Are you listed in google with reviews?? Do you have reviews on Facebook?? About 77% of online shoppers use reviews to make a purchase decision.

6) User-generated content (UGC). Have your followers share the service and/or product they purchased from you with their friends on social media. And use a good hashtag. Be strategic.

Well..that's all I have for now.

Happy Planning for V-day!

I am Nicole Ford "Your Digital IT Girl"

I do consultations; so if you are looking for help in the digital world. I'm your IT girl. IT for Information Technology. Click here to request a Free Website Proposal.

Talk soon!

Smooches xoxo


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